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It’s time to realize your dream for you and your family. Why? Let us lay out some of the benefits

RMG Mortgage is here to help get YOU the financing YOU need to get YOUR dream home! Because this is about YOUR DREAM, and we are proud to help you achieve it. Our experienced loan officers are ready to assist you in finding the program that best suits your needs.

We understand every person is different, every dream is different. So it’s our mission to meet the needs specific to your dream. With a wide array of products and programs, we are confident we can help you achieve the dream of your own home. What are you waiting for?

A simple call can change everything for you and your family!

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A Dream. A Home. A Journey

So, you’re looking for your home on your computer, phone or tablet. Let us sprinkle some humanity in and break down your needs.

Home Purchase

Whether you find yourself buying your first home, second home or anything in between. When looking to purchase a residential property their exists a few things you should have in mind.

  • Know Your Budget
    • Don’t rush this decision, don’t work with anyone trying to rush you. Take a step back, look at your and your family’s financial situation and call a Mortgage professional. Why? Simple, they will with a few documents and information be able to tell you what your budget is and even help you get Pre-Approved.
  • Pre-Approval
    • Now, why is Pre-Approval important? One, it shows to all interested parties you are serious and ready to go. Two, it helps you LOCK IN a rate for a few months while you search for a home. This is quite important, interest rates fluctuate and have cycles. So locking in a lower rate before an increase for example benefits you.
  • Timeline
    • Knowing your timeline is important, it will aid you throughout the process and provide your loan officer with the information needed to help you at the RIGHT time.
  • Knowledge & Research
    • There’s two ways to achieve the necessary knowledge and research, and one is easier than the other. You can spent countless hours searching the web, looking at information from reliable sources OR you can call an experienced mortgage professional and sit down with them and your list of questions.


Refinancing, one of the terms experts and talking heads like to throw around when talking about the housing market. But what exactly is it? And how can YOU benefit from it. In general there are 3 major advantages into exploring Refinancing and we’ll look at all of them.

  • Cash Out On Your Equity
    • Life has no master, like time it simply goes on and there are things outside of your control. At the same time, there are things YOU CAN control. Whether you need to react to a large financial situation or you’re planning ahead. Cashing in your home’s equity is one great way to refinance. Over the years home’s appreciate in price, for example in 2021 homes went up on average 28% across the nation. Should you have to wait until you sell your home to gain access to that money? The short answer is no, you can cash out on the equity. Call a Mortgage professional and find out how.
  • Lower Your Payment? You read that right!
    • So just how can you lower your payment? Sometimes, depending on your original home loan, interest rates might have lowered and if they have you can take advantage. How? Two simple reasons, one you most likely owe less and than your original loan. Two, a lower interest rate than what you originally had means less money paid on interest, saving you thousands!
  • Speed Up Your Loan’s Timeline
    • For some, becoming debt free is very important. There are plenty of options when refinancing to shorten the time of your loan. Meaning again you will pay less on interest owed. So whether you got a promotion or gained some more financial freedom one way to take advantage of it is paying your home faster.
Loan ProgramInterest Rate
Conventional 30 Year6.25%*
Conventional 15 Year5.75%*
FHA / USDA / VA 30 Year5.99%*
FHA / USDA / VA 15 Year5.25%*
ITIN – 30 Year FIXED7.50%*
Foreign National – 5 Year ARM7.50%*
*Restrictions & Changes May Apply

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